I have collected World War Two Royal Air Force memorabilia for over 25 years. My fascination lies in the bravery of airmen and the awfulness of the things they were told to do. Personal stories bring the history alive for me and the artifacts, research and conversations are the route in.

Within the site you will find short biographies of airmen and their photos, log books, medals, etc. which now form part of my collection. This is perhaps my own small tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of aircrew of the RAF.


I continue to accumulate items. The next intent is to upload 50 unpublished firsthand accounts from aircrew, groundcrew and WAAF.


Please contact me with site feedback, questions, stories or items of interest...


I live in the East Midlands, UK

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WW2 RAF Collection

The video below was filmed on my recent taxy ride in Just Jane; the only taxying Lancaster in Europe.